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Max Hunter Folk Song Collection

Editor's Note

The main purpose of this web site is to make available to interested persons the audio recordings and lyric transcriptions of the 1,594 songs included in the Max Hunter Collection. The Collection itself contains a great deal of other materials that may be of interest to researchers and collectors. At this time, it is not possible to include all of these other materials on the site. It is hoped that these will be included at some time in the future. These other materials include fiddle tunes, jokes, stories, and what Max Hunter called "visits", or interviews with the people he was recording.

As you look over the materials available on this site, you might notice many instances of incorrect spelling and punctuation in the lyric transcriptions. There are also errors in the transcriptions themselves. My first duty is to reproduce the materials in the Collection as they are currently found. It is not always possible, or even desirable, to determine which of these inconsistencies are mistakes and which may be a part of the local culture of the Ozarks. At some point in the future, these errors and inconsistencies will be dealt with. However, it is my intention to always make available the original transcriptions made by Max Hunter and his family for reference.

The musical transcriptions of the tunes that were sung are being developed as we place the Collection materials online. Max Hunter did not make any tune transcriptions himself. When this process was first begun by those of us responsible for the web site, we were unsure whether or not the original audio recordings would be avaliable online. Therefore, every effort was made to notate exactly what was sung on the recordings. As technology has been developed to allow for easy distribution of the audio files, we are beginning to simplify the tune transcriptions. We hope that this will make these transcriptions more generally useful for a wider audience. For those wishing to hear the nuances and characteristics of Ozarks singing style, the original recordings are readily available.

Michael Murray
Springfield, MO