The Max Hunter Folk Song Collection

I Was Borned About 4000 Years Ago

Cat. #1044 (MFH #690) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 28, 1969

Borned about four thousand years ago
There's nothing in this world that I don't know
I saw King Frodoth daughter
Fishin' Moses out'a th water
I can whip th man that says it wasn't so

I was there when Satan looked th garden o'er
I saw Eve comin' ou th door
In th bushes I was peekin'
At th apple she was eatin'
I can prove that I'se th man that eat th core

I saw Cain slay Able on th glade
I don't know what, th game they played
It was there in th scrub
He killed 'im with a club
I can whip th man that says it isn't so

I saw Noahy build th famous ark
I slipped in after dark
I saw Jonah and th whale
An' I grabbed 'im by th tail
I can whip th man that said it wasn't so

I saw Adam an' Eve driven from th door
An' I'm th man that picked th fig leaves that they wore
I saw little Paul and Moses
Playin' ring around th roses
An' I can whip th man that says it isn't so

Now you may not believe what I told you is true
But what difference does it really make to you
I'm shootin' you a line
Just to pass off th time
But I'm quitin' now because I'm thru