Missouri State University
Max Hunter Folk Song Collection


Cat. #0439 (MFH #374) - As sung by Mrs. George Ripley, Milford, Missouri on December 14, 1959

It was down upon th ole plantation
Where in youth ole master owned me as a slave
There lived a colored girl, called Lorena
An' we courted where th wild bananas waves
O, th moon shown o'er my Lorena
As we sat an' watched th possum playing in th corn
An' th moon shone o'er th wild bananas
An' th ole owl hooted like a horn

O Lorena, dear Larena
Won't you come, come, come again to me
O Lorena, dear Larena
Won't you come, come, come again to me

For four long years, we had courted
An' had joined ourselves together both as one
By hard labor, ole master, we supported
An' our happiness in life had just begun
Till one day, ole master sold my Lorena
An' I thought this darkies heart would surely break
For he sold her 'way down to ole Virginia
An' left me to mourn for her sake

For two long years, we were parted
But th thought of her was ever in my heart
Till one day ole massa read me a letter
Telling me my Lorena was dead
Then I knew that her spirit gone on to heaven
An' she never more would know this darkies pain
There's a bright an' starry crown for her awaiting
An' she never more shall wear a slavers chain