Missouri State University
Max Hunter Folk Song Collection

Nobody Answered Me

Cat. #0945 (MFH #459) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on February 9, 1970

I wandered again to my old cabin home
I called for my loved ones that I wanted to see
I waited th voice, to bid me come in
But nobody answered me

I called an' I called, but nobody answered
I searched everywhere, but no one could I see
I knocked on th door, like of't had before
But nobody answered me

My thought turned back, to th long, long ago
To th scenes of my childhood so happy an' free
Like th prodigal son, I wandered back home
But nobody answered me

I looked here an' there, I looked everywhere
I called, O Mother, where can you be
I called an' I called, but last they had gone
Nobody answered me

I turned away, from my dear little home
Perhaps no more, will ever see
But as I turned to go, I called once more
Nobody answered me