I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers

Cat. #0018 (MFH #285) - As sung by Mr. Frank Pool, Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 6, 1958

When th curtains of night are pinned back by th stars
And th beautiful moon leaps th sky
And th dew drops of heaven are kissing th rose
It was then that my memory flies
It's go where you will, on land or at sea
I will share all your sorrows and cares
And at night when I kneel by my bedside to pray
I'll remember you love in my prayers

I know not the fortune, be fickle or fin
Or time or your memory wears
I know that I'll love you, wherever you roam
And I'll remember you love in my prayers

When th heavenly angels are guarding th good
As God has ordained them to do
In answer to th prayers, I have offered to him
I know that there's one watching you

And may it's bright spirits be with you through life
To guide you up heaven's bright stairs
And meet with th one who has loved you so true
And remember you love, in their prayers