Variants and Other Collections

Where appropriate, alternate versions of songs contained in the Hunter Collection are listed on the song pages under "VARIANTS". These variants are also linked to each other as the Collection is put online. These listings are incomplete at present, but we hope to finish this aspect of the site as time permits. Any information contributed by users of the Collection and this site would be greatly appreciated.

Max Hunter also began an index of songs with citations of the same song in four other collections of folksongs and ballads. These are listed on the individual song pages where appropriate. The bibliographic information for these "OTHER COLLECTIONS" follows.

  • CHILD - Child, Francis James. The English and Scottish Popular Ballads. New York: Dover Publications, 1965.
  • RANDOLPH - Randolph, Vance. Ozark Folksongs. Four Volumes. Columbia: The State Historical Society of Missouri, 1946.
  • BELDEN - Belden, H.M. Ballads and Songs Collected by the Missouri Folk Lore Society. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1940.
  • BROWN - The Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore: Folk Ballads From North Carolina, Vol. II and Folk Songs From North Carolina, Vol. III. Durham: Duke University Press, 1952.