The Fatal Wedding Night

Cat. #0129 (MFH #180) - As sung by Mrs. Doug "Ina" Harvey, Rolla, Missouri on June 30, 1958

The wedding bells were ringing
On a cold and winters night
The church was decorated
All within was gay and bright
A mother with her little babe
Had seen its lights aglow
And thought of how those same bells chimed
For her three years ago

...... .. ...... ......
..... ........ ...... ...
Th wedding here, th sexton says
Is for the hoty and the grand
So with the eager wedding crowd
Outside you'll have to stand

She begged th sexton, once again
To let her step inside
You may for babies sake step in
Th gray haired man replied
Does anybody know th reason why
This couple should not wed
Speak now or hold your peace
For ever more, th preacher said

I must object a woman cried
With a voice so meek and mild
The bridesgroom is my husband
And this is our little child
What proof have you the preacher asked
My infant, she replied
And raised her babe, but knelt to pray
For th little one had died

The parents of the bride then took
Th outcast by the hand
We'll care for you thru life, they said
You've saved our child from harm
The parents and the bride and outcast
Quickly drove away
Th husband died by his own hands
Before th break of day

No wedding feasts were served that night
Two graves were made next day
One for the little one
And in th other the father lay
Now all young girls take warning
....... ..... .......... ..
..... ...... ..... .... ..
On that fatal wedding night