So You've Come Back To Me, You Say

Cat. #0181 (MFH #579) - As sung by Mrs. Ed Newton, Gainesville, Missouri on June 29, 1958

So, you've come back to me, you say
And say your old loves living yet
You tried thru all those many a years
Have tried but vainly to forget
So, now you've come to me once more
Since time at last has made you free
And offered me again my heart
Who's early hopes were bound in thee

Come close and let me see you now
Your chessnut hair is touched with snow
But t'is th same dear old face
I loved so fondly, years ago
Th same as on one summers day
Bent o'er me and kissed my brow
O, happy hours of trusting love
Ah well, it t'is all over now

No, no, you must not take my hand
God, never gives us back our youth
Th love you requested then, my friend
Was yours in perfect faith and truth
Till womans ways and womans tongue
Brought pain and anguish to my heart
You left me and my heart is dead
No sound can 'er disturb its rest

Farewell, I think I love you yet
As friend t' friend, God bless you dear
Will lead you thru this darkening world
To where th skies are ever clear