Charles Guiteau

Cat. #0478 (MFH #105) - As sung by Mr. L.O. Smith, Springfield, Missouri on March 18, 1960

My name, tis Charles Guiteau
My name, I'll never deny
I left my aged parents
In sorrow for t' die
Little did I think
While in my youthful bloom
I'd be taken to th gallows
To meet my fatal doom

Down by th side of th depot
I tried to make my 'scape
Th people were against me
I found I was too late
They took me off t' prison
All in my youthful bloom
An' now upon th gallows
I meet my fatal doom

My Sister came into th prison
To bid her best farewell
She threw her arms around me
An' wept most bit-terly
Says she, my darling Brother
They say you are to die
All ____________
Upon th gallows high