Charming Beauty Bright

Cat. #0506 (MFH #89) - As sung by Mr. Joe Walker, Berryville, Arkansas on February 9, 1960

I used to court a lady
A lady beauty bright
An' there's where I cast
My own hearts delight
I courted her for love
Her love I did obtain
An' I know for this reason
She could not complain

Away to th army
I thought I would go
To see if I could forget
My own true love or no
For seven long years
I served my old king
After seven long years
I returned home again
My heart was filled with grief
My eyes being filled with tears
Hoping just to get one
More sight of my dear

An' when her ole Mother
Saw me coming
She wrung her hand an' cried
Saying, my daughter loved you dearly
An' for your sake, she died
Then I was struck
Like a true lover slain
An th' thears fell from my eyes
Like showers of rain
Saying, my grief
O, my grief I cannot bear
My true loves in her grave
An' I wish't I were there

(Joe tells about his running away from home when he was about 12 years old)