Red Wing

Cat. #0592 (MFH #545) - As sung by Sandra Hauser, Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 5, 1961

There was a little Indian maid
A shy little praire maid
She sang a lay, a love song gay
While on th plains she whiled away th day
She loved a warrior bold
This sweet little maid of old
Till brave an gay, he rode one day
To a battle far away

Now, th moon shines t' night on pretty Redwing
Th breezes sighing, th night birds crying
Far, O, far, beneath th stars her brave lies sleeping
While Redwings weeping, her heart away

She watched for 'im day an' night
She kept all th camp fires bright
While under sky each night she would lie
An' dream about his comin' bye an bye
But when all th braves return
Th heart of Redwing yearned
Fo far, far away her warrior gay
Fell bravely in th fray