Old Dan Tucker

Cat. #0723 (MFH #481) - As sung by M.L. Mercer, Josephine Campbell, Hazel Barnhart, and Grace Acree, on May 21, 1969

Old Dan Tucker went t' town
Ride'n a goat an' lead'n a hound
Th hound give a yelp an' th goat give a jump
Sit ole Dan Tucker, straddle a stump

Get out'a th way for old Dan Tucker
He's to late t' get his supper
Supper is over an' breakfast fry'n
Old Dan Tundker stand'n an' cry'n
Washed his face in the fry'n pan
Combed his head on a wagon wheel
An' died with a toothache
In his heel

Ole Dan Tucker's in this ring
Swing th ladies while we sing
Furst t' th right an' then with th left
An' then t' one that he loves best