Johnny German

Cat. #0010 (MFH #307) - As sung by Mrs. Allie Long Parker, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on January 14, 1958

I'd just returned from London
When I heard this happy news
And I'll relate it over
If you will not refuse
It's of a jolly sailor boy
A jovial hearted lad
Who met with a fair damsel
Whose countance looked so sad

Said he, my pretty fair one
What makes you look so sad?
She answered him very modesty
Without a smile er frown
It's all fer my true lover
He left me here to mourn
He left me and all a token
He never would return

Prehaps kind Miss, I saw your love
When last I was at sea
And I'll describe him unto you
If you will marry me,
He's handsome in every feature
For courage he don't like
He's like some darting spar-row
When ever he turns his back

He sailed aboard th Rainbow
A mate for Captain Low
If his name be Johnny German
He died five months ago,
She wrang her lily white hands
An' th tears rolled down her cheeks
A grieving an' lamenting
And not a word would speak

She went into her bed-chamber
An' there alone did lie
A grieving and lamenting
And wishing she could die
I turned my back upon her
An' staight 'way I did go
I dressed myself in scarlet red
And back, in haste, I came

Saying, rise my pretty fair one
Leave all your fears behind
Leave off your souls lamenting
And comfert you shall find,
Cruel hearted Johnny German,
How could you serve me so?
I did it just to try your love
To see if hit was true

Your truer than th turtle dove
Your sweeter than th rose
You remind me of some flower
Where love and beauty grows

Mrs. Allie Long Parker lives in the Pleasant Valley Comminity near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Mr. Parker was operating his saw-mill quite close to the house and it can be heard in the background on the tape.