Little Colleen

Cat. #0100 (MFH #351) - As sung by Mr. W. H. Shelly, Cabool, Missouri on May 14, 1958

There's a spot in my heart
That I keep set apart
For my sweet little Irish Colleen
There's a look in my eye
That I cannot deny
Is a look of a kanave for his queen
O, her eyes are so blue
And her heart is so true
And her voice like a soft summer breeze
O, th bright emerald isles
In th warmth of her smiles
She's the melody of sweet melodies
If she'd only be mine
O, the whole world will shine
And will turn to a beautiful green
Then on Saint Patricks day
I'll be married to stay
To my sweet little Irish Colleen

Mr. Shelly said he composed this song many years ago. He had tears in his eys and his voice broke very badly, from memories of days gone by.