Falling Leaf

Cat. #1018 (MFH #190) - As sung by Kay Orhlin, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 7, 1969

Far beyond th rolling prairie
Where th noble forest rise
Dwelled th fairest Indian maiden
Ever seen by mortal eyes
She whose brow it was th fairest
Daughter of a woodland Chief
Came to gladden our home in autumn
An' they called 'er Fallin' Leaf

Thru th depths of tangle forest
All alone one winters day
Came a hunter worn an' weary
Whom into her home did stray
Weeks did pass an' still he lingered
Gentle Fallin' Leaf beside
Till in words of love she promised
Soon to be his woodland bride

Then one day this hunter wandered
Across th prairie waste alone
Long she watched an' waited longing
But his fate was never known
With th summer breeze she faded
With the autumn leaves she died
And they buried her in silence
By th weeping willow side

Fallin' Leaf, th breezes whisper
O'er her lonely grave each night
Tell me that thou still remembers
Of th spirits early flight
Far beyond th stars in Heaven
Dwells an angel fair and bright
An' within this lonely wigwam
There's a wail of woe tonight