Coon, Coon, Coon

Cat. #1020 (MFH #124) - As sung by Glen Orhlin, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 7, 1969

I know it's not my color
I'm feelin' mighty blue
I've had a lotta trouble
I'll tell 'em all to you
Now I'm just plain disgusted
Thru life an' that's a fact
Because my hair is wooly
An' because my color's black

Coon, coon, coon
I wish my color would fade
Coon, coon, coon
I'd like a different shade
Coon, coon, coon
Both morning, night or noon
I'd rather be a white man
Instead of bein' a coon

My gal she took a notion
Against th colored race
Said, if I'se to wed her
I'd have to change my face
Said, if I'se to wed her
That I'd regret in soon
Now, I'm shook good an' hard
Because I'm a coon

I had my face enameled
I had my hair made straight
I dressed up like a white man
I certainly didn't look great
I went down t' see her
T'was shortly after dark
On th way t' see my babe
I had t' cross th park

Just as I was thinkin'
I had things fixed up right
I passed a tree where two loves set
Makin' love that night
They stopped an' looked me over
I saw my finish soon
They both shouted, good and loud
Coon, coon, coon