Dying Soldier Boy - Mill Spring

Cat. #1057 (MFH #261) - As sung by Raymond Sanders, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 12, 1970

A wounded soldier, lay on th battlefield
His comrades gathered 'round him
Down by his side, to kneel
Th wounded soldier raised his head
Sayin', who will care for Mother?
While her soldier boy is dead

I was my Father's only Son, to comfort his ole age
My life was like a captured bear
A flutterin' in th cage
I was my Father's only Son, my Mother's only joy
She will weep an' care ---- for
Her darlin' soldier boy

Tell my ole Father, in death I prayed for him
I prayed that we might meet again
In this land that's free from sin
O, tell my ole Mother, to not weep an' cry
For her Son who was a soldier
An' a soldier, he did die

Tell my little Sister, to not weep for me
For never before th fire
Will I take her on my knee
An' sing to her th good ole songs
She loved to hear me sing
For her Brother he lies bleeding
At th battle of Mill Springs

Listen comrades listen, of what I speak of now
If she was only here tonight
To sooth my aching brow
But little does she think
Of th battle as she sails
That her truth love, he dies bleeding
At, th battle of Mill Springs

Tell my little sweetheart, in death I called her name
For she is jest dear to me
As from whence from her I came
An' if I am a dying
No more of me she'll see
Go give to her, this lock of hair
That she'll remember me

Listen comrades, listen, don't forget to tell
They listened to hear him speak again
But he murmered out, farewell
He kissed th stars an' stripes
As they laid them by his side
An' he gave three cheers for th union
An' dropped his head an' died