Pretty Sally

Cat. #1063 (MFH #551) - As sung by Raymond Sanders, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 12, 1970

A youth 'scorted Sally
From London she came
A beautiful damsel
Called Sally, by name
He beauty was more than
A king could express
An' her riches were more than
It's worth, at its best

There was a young boy, an' a squire
Worth ten thousand a year
An' to go tidy
His course he did steer
But her being wealthy
Her character high
O, on this young man, she
Would scarce cast an' eye

O Sally, O Sally
O Sally, said he
I'm afraid that your beauty
My ruin will be
And if all of your hatred
Would turn onto love
O, I would marry you
By th powers above

I've no hatred for you
Nor no other man
But to say that I love you
That's more than I can
I will have you to write
An' to have your discourse
But I never shall marry you
Endless I am forced

Before three weeks had
Done come an' passed,
This beautiful damsel
Fell sick at th last
She sent for this young man
He came to her bed
Sayin, where does your pain lie
In it's side or your head

O, no lovin' sweetheart
You haven't guessed right
For th pain that torments me
Lies deep, in my heart
An' you 'er th doctor
Can kill or can cure
An' without your assistance
I will die, I'm quite sure

O, Molly, O Molly
You're marvelous, said he
O, don't you remember
How you slighted, poor me
I asked you to marry me
You denied me with scorn
I intend to reward you
For things, past an' gone

O, things past an' gone, love
Forget an' forgive
An' spare me some longer
On earth for to live
I'll never forgive you
Is near in your breath
An' I'll dance over you when
When you're laid in th earth

She took off her finger rings
Diamonds some three
Says, take them an wear them
While you dance over me
I will fly from my cover
No more to be seen
Just remember your Polly
My king an' your queen