Long Ways to Texas

Cat. #1069 (MFH #353) - As sung by Raymond Sanders, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 12, 1970

Up to mighty London
Came a Texas guy, one day
He met th King of England
And he told 'im right away
You need me in your Army
For I am a fighting man
Give me a pair of sixes
I'll put Germans in th can

It's a long ways back to Texas
An' I ain't got no fare
It's a long ways back to Texas
An' th jitneys don't go there
Farewell to San Antony
Goodbye to th little Almo
It's a long, long way back to Texas
I don't think I'll go

He joined th English Army
A fighting man to be
He saw th German's coming
And he got behind a tree
He shouted to his Captain
Says, it always makes me sore
Always makes my head ache
When I hear th cannons roar

Th Captain says, now Texas
You must fight an' win a name
Remember you are fighting
Fer glory an' for fame
If you win this mighty battle
While a hero, you will be
But Texas winked his other eye
An' went on up a tree

It's a long way back to Texas
An' I don't want to swim
It's a long ways back to Texas
God bless this great big limb
Just tell 'em I love th Kaiser
I'm as usual as I can be
Just call me when th war is over
I'll be up in this tree