She Was Happy Till She Met You

Cat. #1070 (MFH #621) - As sung by Raymond Sanders, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 12, 1970

On a bright and sunny day
When a young wife went away
From her husband who had rang her heart with pain
On th table lay a note
With th simple words she wrote
Goodbye, hope we'll never meet again

On to her Mother she returned
To th home of which she often yearned
For every spark of love fer him had fled
But he sought her out, at last
With repentence for th past
Her Mother met him at th door an' said

She was happy till she met you
An' th fault is all our own
If she wishes to forget you
You will please, leave her alone
She has come to her ole Mother
Just because there is no other
She'll be happy in her own sweet home

I have come to say, goodbye
Said, th husband with a sigh
O let me take her to my heart again
Said, th Mother, t'is to late
All her love has turned to hate
Go on your way, your pleadings are in vain

But she's my wife, th husband cried
You'll not take her from my side
Th law forbids you, for it's we have wed
But th Mother answered, nay
As she sadly turned away
An' once to him again she firmly said,