Wildwood Flower

Cat. #1086 (MFH #689) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 12, 1970

I will clineg with my mangels
An' wavin' black hair
With th roses so red
An' th lillies, so fair
With th myrtle so bright
An' th enfurl for few
Pale an' th leader
Ya' eyes look like blue

O, he taught me to love him
An' promised t' love
An' to cherish me over
All others above
How my heart feels like wondering
No misery can tell
He left me no warnin'
No words of farewell

O, he taught me to love him
N' called me his flower
That would bloom an' would cheer me
Thru lifes deary hour
O, I long to see him
An' regret the dark hour
The one he selected
Th pale wildwood flower

I will dance, I will sing
An' my lock shall be gay
I will charm every heart lead
An' crown I will wave
When I woke from my dream
My eyes all aflame
The portion of love
Had all flown away