Old Camp Meetin' Time

Cat. #1087 (MFH #757) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 12, 1970

Long ago when just a boy
At all my camp meetin' time
How my heart, would leap for joy
Hear the ole bell clime
Calling all th saints of God
In th house of prayer
O, such singin, shoutin'
For th Lord was there

I like the ole time prayin, singing, shouting
I like the ole time preaching of God's word
I like to hear th ole hallaliau glory
I like the ole time working for th Lord

Preachers in that good ole day
Were pilled with Holy thing
Preaching for th souls of men
An' not th wordly thing
Under such ole preaching
Sinners fell to pray
For the Lord was with them
In th good ole fashion way

In those latter days
They say there's no use to pray
All we need to think religion
H'its a better way
But I'm glad to tell you brothern
Jesus safe fom sin
And in th ole time way
He save us all from sin