Talkin' Blues

Cat. #1099 (MFH #766) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on June 9, 1970

Well, if you want to go to Heaven I'll tell you what to do
Grease your feet in metton soo
Slide right out of th Devil's hand
Slide right over in th promised land
Take it easy, go greasy

Standin' in th corner on th mantle piece
Up in th corner was a bucket of grease
Stuck my feet in a bucket o' grease
Went slidin' up an' down th mantle piece
Huntin' matches, cigarette stubs too

Down in th hen house, on my knees
I thought I heard a rooster sneeze
It was nothin' but a rooster, sayin' his prayers
An' thankin' th Lord for th hens up there
Rooster preachin', hens a singin', little bantys keepin' time

Well, I got a gal, o'er th hill
She won't kiss me like her sister will
She never takes a bath, not even a rub
She's afraid she'll go thru a hole in th tub
She's awful skinny, boney too
Cut a man like a knife or razor

Well, they ain't no use me workin' so hard
I've got gal in th white folks yard
An' when she kills a chicken, she saves me th feet
She thinks I'm workin' but, I'm walkin' th streets
Pickin' up cigarette stubs, beggin' matches too

Well, it ain't no use me workin' so hard
I got a gal in th white folks yard
She kills a chicken she saves me th head
She thinks I'm workin' but, I'm layin' in bed
Dreamin' about 'er an' other women too