When You and I Were Young, Maggie

Cat. #1104 (MFH #770) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on April 9, 1970

I wandered today to th hills, Maggie
To watch th scenes below
Th creek an' th rusty ole mill, Maggie
Where we set, in th long, long ago
Th green grove is gone from th hills, Maggie
Where first th daisies sprang
Th creeks an' ole mill, is still, Maggie
Since you and I were young

An' now, were aged an' gray, Maggie
An' th trials of life, clearly done
Let us sing of th days that is gone, Maggie
When you an' I were young

A city so quite an' lone, Maggie
For th young an' th gay, are th best
In polished white mansion o' stone, Maggie
Have found a place of rest
Its built where th birds used to play, Maggie
An' joined in th song, that was sung
For we sung just as gay, so they, Maggie
When you and I were young

They say, I am feeble with age, Maggie
My steps are less spiritly then
My face is a well written page, Maggie
But time alone will thin
They say we are aged an' gray, Maggie
As spray by th white broken flung
But to me your as fair as you were, Maggie
When you and I were young