The Long Black Veil

Cat. #1109 (MFH #773) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on April 9, 1970

Ten years ago on a cold dark night
There was someone killed beneath th Town Hall Light
Few at th scene but they all agree
That th slayer that ran looked a lot like me

She roams th hill in a long black veil
She visit my grave when th cold wind wail
Nobody knows, nobody see
Nobody know, but me

Th judge says, Son, what is your alibi
If he were somewhere else, you'll have to die
I spoke not a word tho' it mean't my life
For I was in th arms of my best friends wife

The scaffold is high an' eternity near
She stood in th crowd an' shed not a tear
And sometime at night when th cold wind mourns
She stands by my grave an' cried o'er my bones