Legend of the Dogwood Tree

Cat. #1137 (MFH #790) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on April 9, 1970

There is th lonely story, there it is told
How blessed Jesus was pitied, by a tree
Then th days when Jesus upon this earth did walk
Dogwood tree was larger, its wood was fine an' strong

How beautiful th story, th legend of th tree
That sorrowed for dear Jesus on a cruel Calvary
It proves that if we love him, a blessin' we'll receive
Just as this story of th lonely dogwood tree

An' those that sees th flowers
Will always think of Me
An' though I died upon th cross
Made from a dogwood tree
An' in th center of each flower
A crown of thorns you'll see
An' so it's told, th story
Of th lonely dogwood tree

He walked th path of Calvary
A thorn of crown on His head
An' He hung there bleeding
Thru day, until He was dead
An' three days passed so sadly
But when th grave stone was rolled away
An' Jesus rose to walk again
Upon this earth they say