Matthew Twenty Four

Cat. #1138 (MFH #791) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on July 15, 1970

I believe th time is coming
When th Lord will come again
I believe th end is nearing
An' its at our door
I believe th good ole Bible
From beginnnin' to th end
Just compare th days of Matthew twenty-four

We are livin' surely livin'
In th days he speaks about
All of these, we're havin' now, ever day
Let's be ready for His comin'
Let's us meet 'im with a shout
For he tells us in His words to watch an' pray

While upon Mount Oliva
His disciples came to Him
Sayin, tell us when th things are going to be
Jesus answered, be you watchin'
For each one be free from sin
So take heed that no man, shall enter in

Many wars shall come upon you
An' th endless time is near
Th earthquakes will be numbered in th day
We must live our life for Him, sing His praise
See that all th Bible will be lain

This ole Bible will be free o'er all th land
We will be hated by all nations, in th end
When we have come to pair them
We will know th time is near
An' when th clouds will let, Jesus will descend