Salem Cyclone

Cat. #0114 (MFH #577) - As sung by Mrs. Iva Haslett, West Plains, Missouri on June 11, 1958

One day in January
In Nineteen Forty Seven
The Little town of Salem
Was just a peaceful haven
The people they were happy
Just at th close of day
When all of a sudden
A cyclone came their way

Some people they were working
And some had gone to town
When out of a blacken sky
A mighty storm came down
So many lost their homes
And everything they had
Some of them were injured
And felt so very sad

But no one lost their life
There in that raging storm
God was surely very near
To call no one up home
But th sun came up next morn
And shined th whole day long
But th wind was cold and icy
As it blew thru th throng

My heart was filled with saddness
As I walked among th ruins
Watching the people wandering around
Where their wrecked homes were strewn
There was nothing I could do
But smile and say, Hello
And thank our blessed Lord
That storm had missed my home

They were searching thru th wreckage
Of what was once their home
Trying to find their clothing
And th precious things they owned
But some had nothing left
Not even a pile of ruins
For it had all been blown away
It o'er the town was strewn

There's nothing more to say
About that awful storm
Only hope and pray
That it don't return this way
GOD help those homeless people
Watch O'er them day and night
And help them to forget
That awful stormy night

Now my song is ended
About that awful storm
Dear God watch o'er the people
And keep them from more harm
Help them to remember
What your mighty hand can do
And help them to obey your word
And to You to be true

Mrs. Haslett says she was living in Salem, Arkansas when the cyclone tore up the town. Her home was not hit.