Jesus is Waiting

Cat. #1142 (MFH #793) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on July 15, 1970

To this band of life, we are often tempted
Searching for things for th mercy to gain
I set my goal for a home in Heaven
For th day with Jesus, I will ever reign

Jesus is waiting, waiting with a robe an' crown
Happy I'll be, lay my earthly burdens down
For I know I shall meet 'im, in Heaven
On th judgement day
For I know Jesus is waiting
He will guide me all th way

As I travel here, many days of sorrow
Burdens sometimes are so hard to bear
An' I can see my dear Saviour hanging on th cross
N' I know Jesus is waiting there for me

Many times I have prayed for love a to guide me
Guide me from sin an' earthly strife
Then I can see a light shining above me
Then I know that Jesus is waiting with eternal light