Lonely Mound of Clay

Cat. #1151 (MFH #802) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on July 15, 1970

Beside a new made grave, heart broken
My love for her won't let me go away
To leave her there, to sleep forever
All alone, in th lonely mound of clay

O Lord, why did you take her from me
Why didn't you take me away
I could have been there beside her
Alone, beneath this lonely mound of clay

Many times I look, toward's Heaven
An' I prayed she wouldn't be taken away
But a sinners prayers wasn't answered
An' now she sleeps beneath th lonely mound o'clay

I stay here beside you, little darlin'
I promise you, I'll never go away
Till my life here is over an' I'll be with you
All alone, in that lonely mound of clay