Cat. #1160 (MFH #458) - As sung by Audrey Barclay, Springfield, Missouri on September 19, 1970

Way out on an Indian reservation
Far away from civilization
Back where th foot of white men seldom trod
White man went to fish, one summer
Met an Indian girl, a hummmer
Daughter of th big chief, Spare-The-Rod

White man threw some loving glances
Take th maid to merry war dances
Smoked th pipe of peace, took chances
Living in a teepee made of fur
He rode with her, on Indian pony
Gave her diamond ring, a phony
Then he sang these loving words to her

Come by my pretty little Indian Napinee
Won't ya take a chance an' marry me
For your daddy's a chief, t'is my belief
To a very merry wedding, he'll agree
Though you're dark little Indian maid
I'll sunburn to a darker shade
I'll wear feathers on my head
Paint my face an Indian red
If you'll only be my Napinee