Daddy Sang Bass

Cat. #1185 (MFH #821) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on August 31, 1971

I remember, I was a lad
Times were hard, things were bad
Silver lining behind ever cloud
Just poor farmers, all we were
Tryin' to make a livin' out'a black lime dirt
We would get together in th family circle, singing loud

Daddy sang bass, Mamma sang tenor
Me an' little brother, join right in there
Singin' songs, help th trouble, us to cheer
One of these days n' won't be long
We'll rejoin them in a song
We're goin' to sing, that circle, bye an' bye

When our days work was done
Mamma would call us all home
You could hear her singing for a country mile
Now, little brother's done gone on
We will join him in that thong
I'm going to join th family cirle, th throne, bye an' bye
We'll th circle won't be unbroken
Bye an' bye Lord, bye an' bye

Daddy sang bass, Mamma sang tenor
Me an' little brother will join right in there
In th circle, bye an' bye