Phillapino Baby

Cat. #1188 (MFH #824) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on August 31, 1971

When th warship left Minilo
Sailing gladly o'er th sea
All th sailors hearts was filled with sad regret
Looking back towards th island
Where they spent their happy hours
Making love to every pretty girl they met

Then up stepped a little sailor
With his bright eyes all aglow
Saying take a look at my gal's photograph
All th sailors gathered 'round him
Just to look upon her face
An' he said, I love my dark eyed, Philopino

She's my Philopino baby
She's my darling an' my pet
Her teeth are white an' pearly
An' her hair is black as jet
Her lips are sweet as honey
An' her heart is dear, I know
She's my darling little dark eyed, Philopino

Then one night he whispered, darling
I've come back from Caroline
I've come back to claim the only one I love
An' that night there were a wedding
While th sailors gathered 'roun, all around
An' he wed his little dark eyed Philopino