At Mail Call, Today

Cat. #1195 (MFH #830) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on August 31, 1971

At mail call today, love
Your last letter came
I stood there smiling
Till they called my name
I read it over
N' th skies turned to gray
Tears filled my eyes, love
Mail call today

I cain't understand, love
What's hapened to you
Th day that I sailed, dear
You said, you'd be true
But now it's all over
Now, I'll have to say
My poor heart was broken
At mail call today

I slept in a foxhole
Mid shot an' shell
I'm telling you, love
It's worse than they tell
I thought you would wait, love
While I was away
My castle tumbled down, love
At mail call today

I hope you'll be happy
With somebody new
But always remember
My heart beats for you
Good luck an' God bless you
Wherever you stray
The world for me tumbled
Mail call today