Picture on the Wall

Cat. #1214 (MFH #525) - As sung by Glenda Sue Richardson, Mountain View, Arkansas on August 31, 1971

Theres' an old an' faded picture on th wall
That's been hanging' there for many a many year
T'is a picture of my Mother, where I know there is no other
That can take th place of Mother on th wall

On th wall, on th wall
How I love that dear ole picture on th wall
Time is swiftly passing by
And I bow my head an' cry
Cause I know I'll meet my Mother, after all

Yet th children all have scattered, all have gone
An' I have a little family of my own
An' I know I love them well, more than anything can tell
But I hold that dear ole picture on th wall

Since I lost that dear ole Mother, years ago
There is none to which with troubles I can go
As my guitar makes th chord, I am praying to th Lord
That I hold that dear ole picture on th wall