Homesick Boy

Cat. #1217 (MFH #842) - As sung by Mrs. Claudie and Glenda Sue Richardson, Mountain View, Arkansas on August 31, 1971

In all my rounds I fail to see
Where city life is best for me
I think of years, I've roamed around
An' going home to settle down
Back to th farm to work an' play
An' be content from day to day
My ole dog Shep an' th --- man
Will be so glad to see me there
I'll catch some fish an' swimin' go
An' in a boat, I'll take a row
When in winter comes, I'll skate an' slide
An' in a sleigh I'll of'n ride
Then --- -- ---- --- -- rain
---- ----- ----- ---- ---
----- -- ----- ----- ----
An' teach them when to plow an' hoe
I'm wishin' now that I could be
In a mellon patch or an apple tree
An' when it comes to plenty to eat
It's hard to beat that --- --- -
I long to have fresh milk an' eggs
Eat my fill of chicken legs
I'll tell you too can hardly wait
Till I can swing on th old front gate