The Bright Sunny South

Cat. #0122 (MFH #43) - As sung by Mr. T.M. Davis, Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 14, 1958

O, th bright sunny south was in peace and content
The years of my boyhood were scarcely spent
When the blood flowing plains and the deep swirling streams
Were endorsed to my memory and since to my dreams

I have counted th cost and I pledge for my work
I've shouldered my musket and belted my sword
And now to th Yankees freedom denied
I am one that will repulse them or fight until I die

O, mother, dear mother, for me do not weep
For your own good advisement for ever I shall keep
You have tought me to be brave, from a boy unto a man
Now I started in defense of my own native land

O, sister, dear sister, for me do not weep
For upon some rocky mountains forever I may sleep
For in danger of war, I am fully aware
In sickness and death, I except for to share

My father looks sad, but he bade me depart
My mother embraced me with angerful heart
My beautiful sister looked pale and indisposed
But she kissed me and blessed me and bade me to go

From parents and sister, I once had to part
But my own dearest true love, was nearer to my heart
I never shall forget the time I taken her by th hand
And started in defense of my own native land