Poor Little Joe

Cat. #1242 (MFH #498) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 26, 1971

As I was strollin' thru th city gate an' strong
I met a poor boy who was singin' a song
Although he was singin', he wanted for bread
An' though he was smilin', he wished himself dead

I spoke to this poor boy, out in th snow
He had no home to shelter him, no place to go

Cold blew th blast down came th snow
He had no home, to shelter him, no place to go
No Mother to guide him, in th grave she is low
Cast on th cold street, lie pure little Joe

A carriage passed by with a lady inside
An' looked on Joe's face an' saw that he cried
He followed the carriage, the lady not even smiled
But fondly acared her to her own darlin' child

An' now by th lamplight that shines on th snow
Pale deadly feature of poor little Joe
The light had gone out, th clock had struck one
Along came a po-liceman who duty was done
You could tell by the sound of th dull heavy tred
You think he was thinkin', th grim of th dead

O, what is this, th po-liceman cried
Poor little Joe, on th streets he had died
With a face turned to Heaven, all covered with snow
Out on th cold streets, lie poor little Joe