Give the Boy a Chance

Cat. #1251 (MFH #867) - As sung by Mrs. Lee (Floy) Huskey, Blue Eye, Missouri on October 11, 1971

Well, Father, I would like to know
What you intend to do
Why don't you let me have a chance
To earn some money too
If things continue as they are
I'll labor all my life
An' never own a foot of land
Or place to keep alive

Th crops were never better
Th fruit is stored away
An' now it's mine, board an' fare
That I should share th pay
Or I will be compelled to go
A little farther West
An' hunt me up a pretty maid
An' build for her a nest

Give th boy a chance
O, give th boy a chance
I know it will be better
If you'll give th boy a chance
His home will be a shelter
When her locks are thin an' gray
And laughing will akindle
As we pass away

The heighth of your ambition
Is just to cuss well
I'm sure you'll get your share
Of what there is to sell
Instead of running with th girls
To every show an' dance
Roll up your sleeves an' go to work
And then you'll find your chance

Why be so hard, upon th boy
He is our only son
In all th work he has to do
Is always gladly done
Perhaps, he has his faults
You may search th world round
I don't believe a better boy
Can anywhere be found

So, give him some encouragement
Before it is to late
An' make it here, a dwelling place
To bring his chosen maid