Hold Fast to the Right

Cat. #1261 (MFH #875) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 26, 1971

Set down by th side of your Mother, my boy
You have only a moment, I know
But you stay till I give you my partin' advice
It's all that I have to restore

Hold fast to th right, hold fast to th right
Wherever your footsteps may roam
O, forsake not th way of your Saviour, my boy
That you'll learn from your Mother at home

Do you seek your way, my boy
There's trouble an' sorrow an' strife
O, forsake not th Saviour an' live for th right
O, for my Son, I'll meet you on high

You will find in your Bible, my boy
It's a book, all others th best
It will teach you to live an' help you to die
It will lead you to th land of th blessed

Your Father has come to bid you goodbye
O, how lonely and sad we will be
But when we're put, please remember this
That it is all from your Father an' me