Time Enough Yet

Cat. #1270 (MFH #640) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on October 26, 1971

I'm a lonely rich young boy
My Dad were, my heart an' joy
Till he begin my weddin' to set
I'll tell him it's time, I'm not a kid
O, I have ask her, to marry me
With tears in my eyes
She knows that I love her
And didn't deny
She would just look an' say, never fret
She looked away an' say
It's time enough yet

I picked up my hat an' rushed to the door
And then I told her
I wouldn't see her no more, no more, no more
I wouldn't see her no more
You will set an' tell, she thinks
Time enough yet
Next mornin' her maid came down, in haste
An' tellin' me to forget the past
She said, your sweet or done nothin' but fret
Since you told her
It was time enough yet

She wrote me a letter as long as my arm
In h'it she told me, she meant no harm
An' told my down, an' I did set
And the answer I wrote her,
Was time enough yet

Come all ye young girls
Whose sweethearts are plenty
Be sure you get married, before you're twenty
For if you don't you'll be sure to regret
The first time tell him,
It's time enough yet