The Merriest Girl That's Out

Cat. #0128 (MFH #421) - As sung by Mrs. Doug "Ina" Harvey, Rolla, Missouri on June 30, 1958

With laughter and good humor
While I pass my time away
And while I'm here I'll do my best
To please you with my say
So come along and join my song
And raise a merry shout
To welcome me, for I'm you know
The merriest girl thats out

Now then, young men
Don't be melancholy
Just see, like me
If you can't be jolly
If anything goes wrong with me
I never sulk or pout
In fact I am and always was
Th merriest girl thats out

To balls and parties, I go out
For dancing I admire
Waltzing is th thing I own
Of which I never tire
And should my partner squeeze my hand
I know what I'm about
If it pleases him, it don't hurt me
I'm the merriest girl thats out