Come and Dine

Cat. #1293 (MFH #896) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on November 25, 1971

Jesus has th table spread
For th Saints of God, is said
He invites His chosen people, come an' dine
And His manners there so sweet
He does feed --- --- complete
And our needs, to so sweet
---- with Jesus all th time

Come an' dine, th Master calleth, come an' dine
You may feast at Jesus' table all th time
He who fed th multytudes
Turned th water into wine
From th hungry calleth now, come an' dine

Soon th Lamb will take its pride, take to be
Ever by His side all the
O, it will be a glorious sight
All the Saints in spotless white
And with Jesus they will feast eternity