Let Me Out'a This Hole

Cat. #1364 (MFH #936) - As sung by Reba Dearmore, Gaithersburg, Maryland on December 31, 1971

Ole, Eriphrim Johnson had an ole blind horse
An' the old hex mane was bald
He called 'im into th pasture
T' make a livin' for th comin' fall
He went to town an' got an ole cow bell
An' placed it 'round bald's neck
When th bell would sound
All th --- would frown
Here comes that ole blind hex

One night when returning from a neighbors ckicken roost
Fell in an ole time well
Hit th bottom so gol-darn hard
That his mind was blank, for a spell
----- -- --- --- --- ---
An' he heard that ole cow bell
He fell on his knees an' begin to pray
You could hear ole Eriphrim yell
O Lord, won't you get me out'a this hole
O Lord, won't you help a poor nigger soul
I'll never rob another chicken roost
Or --- --- for gold
O Lord, won't you get me out'a this hole