Model Church

Cat. #1365 (MFH #412) - As sung by Reba Dearmore, Gaithersburg, Maryland on December 31, 1971

Well, wife I found th model church
An' worshiped there today
It made me think of good ole times
Before my hair was gray
Th meeting house was fine built
Than they were, years ago
But then I found when I went in
It was not built for show

Th sexton did not set me down
Away back by th door
He knew that I was old an' deef
And saw that I was poor
He must have been a Christian man
He led me boldily thru
Th long asile of that crowded church
To find a pleasant view

I wish you'd heard th singing, wife
It had the old time ring
Th preacher said, with trumpet voice
Let all th people sing
Ole Cornation, was th tune
Th music up, would rool
I thought I heard the angel choir
Strike up their harps of gold

My deepness seemed to melt away
My spirit caught th fire
I joined th feebling, trembling voice
With that melodious crowd
And some as in my youthful days
Where angels prostrate fell
Bring forth th royal diadem
And crown them Lord of all

I tell you wife, it did me good
To sing that hymn, once more
I felt like some wrecked mariner
We gets th glimpse of shore
I almost want to lay outside
To weather decent storms
An' anchor on th blessed chorus
Forever from th storm

Was not a flowery sermon, wife
But simple, joyful truth
It fitted umble men like me
It suited hopeful youth
To winning model souls to Christ
Th honest preacher tried
He talked not of himself or ---
But Jesus, crucyfied

Dear wife, th toil will soon be o'er
Th victory soon won
Th shining land is just ahead
Our home so bright an' fair
Thank God, we'll never sin again
There'll be no sorrow there
There'll be no sorrow there
There'll be no sorrow there
In th land above where all is love
There'll be no sorrow there