Put My Little Shoes Away

Cat. #1368 (MFH #520) - As sung by Reba Dearmore, Gaithersburg, Maryland on December 31, 1971

Mother dear, come bathe my forehead
For I'm growing very weak
Mother, let one drop of water
Fall upon my burning cheek
Tell my loving little playmates
That I will no longer play
Give them all my toys, but Mother
Put my little shoes away

I am going to leave you, Mother
So, remember what I say
Do this won't you please, now Mother
Put my little shoes away
Santa Claus, he gave them to me
With a lot of other things
An' I think he brought an angel
With a pair of golden wings

Mother, I will be an angel
In perhaps another day
So, you will then, dearest Mother
Put my little shoes away
Soon th baby will be larger
Then they'll fit his little feet
O, he'll look so nice an' sunny
When he walks along th street

Now, I'm getting tired, dear Mother
Do not wait another day
Please remember what I tell you
Put my little shoes away