Young Johnny

Cat. #1404 (MFH #508) - As sung by Mary Jo Davis, Fayetteville, Arkansas on

Young Johnny's been in Ireland
Young Johnny's been on sea
Young Johnny's now in Ireland
Where he has been before
So, welcome young Johnny
So, welcome --- --- ---

What luck, what luck, young Johnny
What luck had you on sea
Bad luck, bad luck, said Johnny
Bad luck had I on sea
I lost my ship, my cargo too
Out on th raging sea
But bring down your daughter, Polly
And married we will be

O, Johnny, she is absent
An' won't be here this day
And if she were here
I'm sure you could not stay
For she is very rich
And you are very poor
And if she were here
She would turn you from th door

Young Johnny being sleepy
He hung down his head
And called for a candle
To light himself to bed
My beds are full of strangers
An' have been all this week
An' so with that con--------
---- --- --- you must seek

He looked upon th poeple
He looked upon them all
He looked upon th landlord
To him he gave a call
Saying, here are thirty of th new
And twenty of th old
With that he drew from his pocket
His both hands full of gold

O Johnny, young Johnny
I merely spoke in jest
I know I've no exception
I'm sure I love you best
My great beds are empty
An' have been all this day
My great beds are empty
And there you may stay

Before I'd lie within your door
I'd lie out on th street
For when I had no money
My lodging I might seek
An' now moneys plenty
My head is in a whirl
With a bottle of sweet brandy
And on my knee a girl

Come all you young people
Wherever you may be
Who expect to make your money
Out on th raging sea
Be sure to make good use of it
And lay it up on store
For without that companion
She'll turn you from th door