Susan Jane

Cat. #1428 (MFH #961) - As sung by Otis Williams, Wesley, Arkansas on

I went t' see my Susan
She met at th door
An' told me I need'nt come
T' see 'er anymore
She'd fell in love w' Augustus
Andrew Jackson Payne
An' I'll go back on all th girls
That acts like Susan Jane

Her mouth was like a summer
Her foot was like a ham
Her eyes were like owl at night
Her voice was never cam
Her hair was black an' curly
Her neck was like a crane
An' I'll play off on all th girls
That looks like Susan Jane

O Susan, quit your fooling
An' give my heart to me
O, give me back my love again
An' I will let you be
I once did love your dearly
But I n'er can love again
I'm goin' away to leave you so,
Goodbye Susan Jane