Cat. #1431 (MFH #965) - As sung by Otis Williams, Wesley, Arkansas on

I wish I had a sweetheart
A jolly little beau
To gallantly escort me
Whever I wish to go
To go with me to parties
And with th dancers glide
How very sweet, I'd travel
While he was by my side

Indeed I want a sweetheart
So gentle, true an' kind
Now, please to tell me if you can
My sweetheart I can find

I wish I had a sweetheart
To meet me at th gate
To th rink to take me
Teach me how to skate
To glide along together
To drive th care away
To have his arm a round me
O dear t'would be so gay

Now, if I had a sweetheart
How happy I would be
I wouldn't let him speak a word
T' any a girl, but me
I'd be so very loving
To him I'd be so true
I wish I had a sweetheart
I really do, don't you