Cat. #1442 (MFH #973) - As sung by Otis Williams, Wesley, Arkansas on

O, say Dusty, have ya seen ole Massey
With a mustache on his face
On th road sometime, this morning
Like he goin' to leave this place
He saw th smoke arisin' over yonder
Where th Lincoln gunboat play
He shook his hat an' he left mighty sudden
An' I spect he's runned away

Th ole Breshear, he makes us trouble
And drived us round a spell
Till we lock him up in th smokehouse ---
Wif th key throwed in th well
He drilled so much, they called him Cap'n
An' he gets so dreadful tan
I spect he'll try t' fool them Yankees
For take his country-man

He's three foot one, weighs six foot tuter
N' he weighs three hundred pounds
His vest so big he couldn't pay a tailor
N' wouldn't go half way round
Darkies they get dreadful lonesome
Log hut in th ---
--- --- sings to Massey's parlor
For to keep them while he's gone

There's wine an' cider in th cellar
An' th darkies, they'll have some
I spect it'll all be confisected
When Lincoln's soldiers come
O'h whip is lost, th handcuff broken
Ole Massey 'll gt his pay
He's big enough, old enough, an' he don't know better
An' went an' runned away

Ole Massey run a holler
I heerd th ho-ho
Must be not th kingdoms came
In th year of Jubalow